Duration: 3 Days
A finest program to mould yourself from man-to-manager-to-leader with the unique lessons learnt to manage oneself and others.

Topics covering in the Program:

  • Building Confidence
  • Realize personal strengths and weakness
  • Importance Of Positive Attitude
  • Dealing With Negative Influences
  • Importance of Motivation for Effective Leadership
  • Maintain Enthusiasm and Commitment towards your Goal
  • Importance of Body Language
  • Development of Listening Skills
  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • Importance of Team Work
  • Team Building and Motivation Techniques
  • Communication in Building an Effective Team
  • Managing Conflicts and Solving People’s Problems
  • Understanding the Importance of Trust and Co-Operation
  • Importance of Effective Time Management
  • Art of Prioritizing Tasks
  • Enhance your Personal Image and Project Competence
  • Importance of Personal Grooming
  • Importance of Personal Hygiene

Benefits of the Program:

  • More personal satisfaction with work and personal life
  • Ownership is transferred to the people doing the work
  • Expanded skills and competencies
  • Leader’s time is freed for vision, mission, values, strategy
  • More strategy in addition to operations roles
  • More qualified and developed people
  • More qualified, stronger leaders coming through the “ranks” (future leader development)


Lectures, Audio Video Presentation, Examples, Games, Exercies, Role Plays

Target Groups:

: Senior and Middle level Managers, CEO, Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs